Why the future of biomechanics?


Osteobike is an innovative bicycle of exclusive design, aimed at a postural rebalancing and increased use of the muscles of the spine that unlike the existing traditional bicycles, in order to help each person in finding a correct posture, determines a significant improvement in allowing each person to find a correct posture.


Revolutionize your workout

Sporty and Training

Thanks to its innovative postural positioning Osteobike let the user to activate more muscles compared to a regular bycicle. Perfect to use as preparation for sports like soccer, athletics, cyclism, swimming, dancing, ski… As shown by the surface electromyography, Osteobike hyper activates the erectors of the spine and improves quadriceps, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, square of the loins, rectus femoris, oblique muscles, diaphragm, rectus abdominis activation

The ergonomic abdominal cushioned support, thanks to the adjustments, allows to modify the posture of the user, varying the physiological curves and determining muscular activation. Thanks to the muscular synergy created by Osteobike we will have an exceptional result in the lap area compared to the use of a regular bicycle.

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Restore your posture

Postural and Rehabilitation

Osteobike is defined as “postural” because the position taken by the user during training allows the contraction of muscles important for maintaining bipodalic station. It allows the lumbar curve to maintain a good elasticity improving the fore and back pelvis rotation.

The L5-S1 vertebrae are the most submitted to gravitational weight both in bipedal and sitting positions. Osteobike allows you to discharge them by distributing the gravity load on all the lumbar vertebrae and creates muscle strength in this area.

Osteobike equipped with a gear allows the load variation applied on the lower limbs and consequently on the rest of the body. Suitable customized load protocols are being studied In case of incapacitation for artinf or pathologies of the rachis.

Use your physiological curves


Osteobike is physiological because it allows lumbar tract mobility unlike a regular bycile, allowing a minor lumbar intervertebral discs degeneration. Mobility is achieved through the innovative three supports synergy such as:
– saddle
– front support
– handlebar

The pedal stroke has an open kinetic chain movement and the front support allows diaphragmatic pumping, improving the venous circulation.

Test prove its effectiveness

Scientific studies, also the subject of several degree theses, through a comparative analysis between Osteobike and a professional exercise bike, demonstrate several substantial advantages in the port, rehabilitation and sports practice.
In particular the electromyographic studies carried out, detect all the muscles involved in the movement’s kinetics (external oblique, paravertebital muscles, gluteus quadriceps, femoral quadriceps, etc.), allowing a notable improvement of both cases of lumbar spine pains and hyperactivity. lombo-sciatalgie of functional / pastoral type that of the hypotrophy / muscular hypotonia affecting the gluteus maximus and quadriceps femoris in addition to the countless fields training in the most varied sports (rugby, football, cycling, athletics, canoeing etc …)

Download the Test Results

Kinematic and Electromyographic Analysis

Presentation of the Aequabilitas Association 2018 – Tracedona Monate 24th November 2018

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Thesis University of Genoa

Thesis Title: Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of pedaling dynamics in different settings


Graduating: Cafueri Giuseppe

Download - ITA
Electromyographic Examination

The surface EMG test shows that the pattern of activation of the muscles under examination gives a greater response during pedaling with Osteobike compared to a traditional bicycle.

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Initial Medical Analysis

Osteobike presents interesting innovative aspects, such as to make it a tool that can be used for rehabilitation and for strengthening specific muscle groups.

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